Boardroom in Bush - Great Safari experiences in Kenya

Boardroom in Bush - Great Safari experiences in Kenya

The regional headquarters cum retreat was slated for Kenya this time. This prestigious annual deal is a carefully planned, very stressful, not satisfying event, it is the pride and course of which country director is worthy of. After several years of being organized in major cities in Europe and the Middle East, the show came to Kenya.

Working at the East African branch of a multinational corporation is always a feeling that our colleagues across the ocean oceanize our discovery capability to deliver and deliver to their level. Well, one of the best ways to surpass the big hotels, the exciting conference rooms and the fine dining options in more progressive countries is to take advantage of the unique and captivating features of Kenya's destinations.

Well take it out of town and put the bush! It was during the tenth or fifth meeting to review any meeting places for the workshop that our director met with this idea. Very ingenious guy, our boss is; genius to punctuality. He had the all too familiar look in his eyes that we all knew meant that there was no repentance. Every time he walked around canvas tent and campfire and zebra roast dinners. Eventually, the Leadership Committee reached the center. A luxurious tented camp in Maasai Mara's national reserve, complete with electricity, hot showers and fluffy white quilts. where meals were served indoors and the zebras are served outdoors - as opposed to decorating the bench dinner plates.

After that, several hectic weeks followed by planning the finer details; choose an exclusive safari camp, flight reservations, dinner menus, workshop programs, AV and IT sets, executive gifts, names of the spouses and their food allergies etc. Soon, the workshop was practically on us.

The regional managers and their fashionably dressed wives spent the first night at a five-star hotel in the city of Nairobi followed by a morning trip around the city and no-miss the craft market. They then went to the afternoon, an hour's flight to Mara. By this time, business suites and couture blouses had been exchanged for khaki and bush hats - modern, of course. Several Toyota Land Cruisers, specially equipped for bush drift and game viewing, lined the airfield waiting for the guests. In the safari camp, smiling employees offered warm handshakes and cold drinks to new arrivals.

Then came three days of intense meetings and deliberations in the midst of attentive camps and surrounded by spectacular natural wilderness. There were sumptuous breakfasts, bespoke lunches and divine dinners around a fire facing the starry African night. For the very early ladders saw a heated cup of hot chocolate chicken morning game. This is the best time to watch the wilderness in a lot, when crews of antelopes, buffalo and gazelle nibbling on dew-covered grass and it is still cool enough for the cats (lion, leopard and cheetah) to think about hunting.

The afternoon sessions were the hardest, especially after a sumptuous lunch and if the presenter happened to be the monotonized colleague from Dubai ... or was he from London office? His voice matched the uninterrupted sum of cadres outside. These bugs are about the only creatures enjoying the hot afternoon when the cats hiding in the bush, panting for dear life and the antelopes are immovable under shady trees. The workshop participants throw sleepy eyes on the yellow-green savannas and wish they could join their wives and waste time at the pool or enjoy the afternoon siesta on the cool sheet.

Evenings and all came to life again. After refreshing hot showers and sun-downer cocktails at the nearby river, everyone sat down to large, multilingual meals that were perfectly associated with excellent wines.

The third evening led to the detention at the dinner table provided by residents (of course, of course) as only they can handle. From the candlelight the guests observed huge, beautiful figures that stood over the camp's dark lawns. One of the creatures blew a trumpet-like snort. Hippos! explained the camp manager. These massive, semi-aquatic plant eaters appear daily from the river and usually eat at night. Sometimes they like the leaks in the safari camp.

Well, someone who had some plans for an early night was very disappointed. It was not possible to cross back to the bedroom, even escorted by an armed campervan, as long as hippos shattered outside. Hippos kill more people in Africa than any other animal. Consequently, the drinks and stories stretched after dinner long into the night. At one point, it was hard to tell who laughed higher - the company's bosses or cockle hayes in the dark night beyond.

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